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Next Steps to Staying Resilient

Once you have completed your resilience plan and/or worked with an advisor to ensure that all the actions within your resilience report are completed, it is important that you keep a regular check on them.

These 5 tips can help your business stay resilient:

  1. Implement the actions from your resilience plan with the help of a Groundwork advisor. Summary Of Services

  2. Test any appropriate procedures that are detailed within the plan to make sure they work for your business

  3. Integrate your resilience plan within important company policies such as Health and Safety

  4. Communicate your resilience plan to all staff and stakeholders. Ensure that it is included within;

    • New staff inductions
    • Staff handbooks
    • Senior Management Team meetings
    • Procurement procedures
  5. Review your resilience status and plan;

    • Quarterly to check key priority areas
    • In the event of a business change such as new premises, equipment, operations or suppliers
    • In the event of key changes to staff personnel and responsibilities


Remember that Groundwork can help you with this. Contact our team on 01473 350370 or at